About Us

We are PikaPika, your professional cosplay brand. We are young and passionate and we offer the highest quality costumes and wigs for your cosplay projects.


We classify our products into 4 categories-3 Stars, 4 Stars, 5 Stars, 6 Stars.

3 Stars stands for Rare, which means the cosplay is qualified for your basic needs.
4 Stars stands for Rarer, these products are better in material, style and other details.
5 Stars stands for Super Rare.Handmade items take more time, but have greater detail than many similar items.
6 Stars stands for Superior Super Rare, they are like the best card you can get in a game, difficult to make and expensive.


The future is with you
PikaPika currently has only 2 tailors and 3 sewing machines. Starting from scratch is never easy, but we're glad you're here. We still have a long way to go and we hope you will be here in every memorable moment.